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Today weds 24th November 2010
and this was stuck on the front door apparently at 0900hrs today, by a Representative of Cardiff County Council.

I wonder if its the geezer who I have asked not to be allowed into the property to do the last 2yrs tests who stuck it on.

I was going to ring them yesterday but what with the Freedom of Information Blog to do never got around to it. so tomorrow if I manage to get up in time I am going to see about some legal advise not from the CAB though cos that is run by Cardiff County Council and have been next to useless in the past with any human rights violation issues!

So I shot that video as well, not that I give care less if they smoke dope all day long but when they are taking the piss out of me when they are doing it well, I'll be a snitch and to hell with the lot of them.

So what kind of Legal Action are they likely to take Mr. Carwyn Jones, and what right of protection is there against Council when they fail. Can tenants slap a 48hr notice on them. Why don't you check the history of my allowing these gas engineers into my tenancy and you will find that a certain gentleman by the name of Colin was asked not to attend it being his area n all, and of the Time of the appointments made. 

due to the lack of sleep caused by the nightly intrusions by the scumbags above I don't sleep so well anymore and morning appointments are never entertained. So have a look and you tell me. Why haven't I contacted them before well guess it must be to see what they do again when they have failed responses. 

Oh they have all sorts of immediate legal eagles to resort to but tenants sweet-FA. since 1999 I have been complaining about the below minimum building standard floor to ceiling n airborne sound and nothing, not even the Local government Ombudsman willing to slap them with an injunction against letting the top floor flat until it was up to building standard regs. No replaced back door again dismissed by the LGO no fencing along the divided back garden etc etc etc. but no no no Legal Representation to slap on Cardiff County Council.

Well I've written enough on that in all the previous blogs. So its photocopy the notice and deliver that to Rodney Bermans home and ask. Excuse me but is this another attempt at constructive eviction by you lot? Look at the History Mr. Berman maybe ask why is Crazydave not allowing this Colin employee into his tenancy? Look at the previous appointment times requested and then look at the never responded to complaints made by me through your email, or the questions raised by me at the full council meeting not so many years ago. Then look at yourself at your prejudice to Crazydave.

Right time to tweet Carwyn Jones you bastard, remember for a full list of blogs go to


PS here is the email sent to Cheryl Gillan that she has never replied to:

To, 18/8/2010
Hello cheryl

I understand that you are the New Secretary of State for Wales. I have a heap of issues that I have been trying to raise with the Welsh Assembly government as well as the previous administration in Parliament all to no avail, so far. That these bodies have acted in a prejudicial manner with regards to my correspondence is really self evident from the information I am about to direct you to. The word Malfeasance a criminal offence for anyone in public office seems a bridge to far for South Wales Police Chief Constable formerly Barbara Wilding, I have yet to contact the new Chief constable feeling that he would ignore it just like his predecessor.

Like Mr. Peter Hain did while he was the SSW. I hope perhaps foolishly that you will somehow be different. So here is the web address where I have placed the correspondence sent they are called blogs I call them letters/evidence of Criminal negligence towards my health n Welfare, and that of other vulnerable adults across the uk. I can only hope when the prejudice ends that it will be self evident that what I have placed on them is clearly that. The range of issues are large, my biggest one is the manner in which Cardiff County Council has accounted for the Housing Benefit payments they have received from Central Government and the net effect of that in Social Housing provision in this city, and how Central government could drastically reduce its Housing Benefit payments if they Transferred properties into housing Association ownership at a rent value equal to that of what the Council were running them on with the £30 million reduction they were making in the rent revenue account for oh so many years all with the blessing of the Local Government Ombudsman. Ideally I would like a public inquiry into how it is that the Welsh Assembly Government decreed that this figure was to be taken from that account and placed in the General Fund account because they know that it was Central Government paying Housing Benefit not the Council as the accounts would have us believe.

See the blog 'Crazydave Slashes Billions Off Housing benefit' if all councils in the uk have been following the same practice as Cardiff County Council then the Transfer and the reduction in rent to match the level with the figure they had deducted from their various rent revenue accounts would mean Billions in savings per year.

The full list of blogs/letters can be found at

Yours David Gabriel

Update I've just sent this email to the head of the information commissioner Wales.,,
Hello Anne

This is one of my latest blogs its regarding the Freedom of information request. While creating another blog today (more for Mr. Evans than you, some questions on tenants rights ignored) I realised that mr. Berman had the first freedom of info request on the 23 Aug 2010 not the 2nd of September 2010 as claimed in his letter to Mr. Evans as shown in this blog published the 1st Sept 2010.

So here is a freedom of information request for you Anne. Can you tell me how many complaints your organisation in Wales received during the 2009/10 financial year and how many of those complaints via email has your organisation ignored?

Its just that I like to be fair minded when accusing others of prejudice.

Is that enough for one day?


Well seeing as nothing has changed since this blog was first published. Much like all the others today I am tweeting 'Rodney Berman gives tacit approval for Cardiff Bus Drivers to smoke cannabis as a wind down from a hard days work!' 

Its not that I care if bus drivers use cannabis I know that the illusion used by the media/medical profession that it somehow reduces reaction time and all that bull, is just made up by them to frighten the none users into hating the users of the plant. 

But that is what it is. If they do finally check to see and figure the number of journeys that are made by Cardiff Bus Drivers who are daily users or even weekend off shift there are so few accidents as to make the governments line look like a crock of crap.

I mealy point this out to you all to see what happens next? Or as Motorhead puts it! 'Playing for the high one, dancing with the devil, going with the flow its all a game to me'

Maybe then I will get some questions raised, because now Cardiff County Council unelected officials are trying to claim that I am a 'Vexacious Complainant' Figure that one out! You don't get issues addressed and rather than giving up you persist in the hope that finally finally something will be done and that is what they use to dismiss you claims. Scandalous complicit Oh just wait for my next series of videos everyone.

So here is the last complaint that I made that has been 'not accepted' by the complaints officer of Adult Services and below that is a copy paste of a document on Cardiff County Council web site dealing with Adult Services and the issues they claim they deal with! Ha!

Hello there
In order to expedite this letter I intend delivering next week, with attachments I am emailing it today for convenience sake as so my MP can have a copy, and in the hope that immediate action might be taken to re-house me, either by the employment of a social worker dedicated to that end or some other support so that I do not have to face intimidation any more in my home life.

FAO Complaints Officer Adults Services

Hi (pity no name on the Councils web site)

Attached to this you will find a letter from my new GP it is headed to Mr. Michael Murphy the not so long ago Head of Adult Services, not sure if he still is your Web site again does not make that easy to find out? Also attached is  recent notice posted on the front door of (address supplied removed for privacy) and I would like to know exactly what the Legal Action is to be taken against me and my what my right to representation is before any action is taken?

The complaint to you is that Mr. Michael Murphy has been complicit in the Discrimination towards myself by not seeing that I be re-housed. I have written enough about this in my blogs a list of which can be found at and do not intend to cover it here. There you will also find videos posted on youtube to highlight my plight as a tenant in a Council Property where I am subject to intimidation via the other tenant due to its configuration ie A property that does not meet minimum building standard regulations, and I would like that to end as soon as is Humanely possible.

Your Re-housing application keep getting returned to me on the spurious ground that I have not placed a specific area on the form? When they refuse to respond to my question can you tell me where there are bungalows in Cardiff that I might be re-housed to given my special needs? That they have also been complicit in the continued discrimination shown to me by elected and unelected officials at Cardiff County Council is self evident to me.

I Trust that you will take this as a Corporate Complaint and this time I do get furnished with a Corporate Complaint Number.

You might like to start with looking at this blog or this for ease of reference. Unless like Councillor Ed Bridges you are already aware of my issues? See this video on youtube One of the 60 Elected Officials who has been complicit in the discrimination and criminal negligence towards me.

I trust that rather than letters pinging to and fro, some immediate action be arranged so that I am re-housed in a bungalow where I will not have to suffer any further harassment from other human beings, in my day to day home life? See this latest blog as to that ongoing never appear to ending situation that others appear to consider acceptable?

Yours David Gabriel (address supplied removed for privacy) Cardiff
This is what is on the Councils Social Care part of the Web Site if you care to check out their map of the structure of the Council you will see that currently Mr. Murphy lies just below the head of Social Care as Head of Adult Services. You take a look at all my blogs and see what part of this 'Council propoganda' does not apply!
Protection of vulnerable adults
Not all adults can protect and care for themselves. Some adults are particularly vulnerable to abuse and having their basic human rights routinely disregarded.

Which adults are vulnerable?

A vulnerable adult is someone who may need community care because of a disability, age or illness and who may be unable to take care of themselves, or cannot stop themselves being harmed or exploited.
The definition is 'a person who is 18 years of age or over, and who is or may be in need of community care services by reason of mental or other disability, age or illness and who is or may be unable to take care of him/herself, or unable to protect him/herself against significant harm or serious exploitation'.
The South Wales Adult Protection Forum (SWAP) is made up of local authorities, police, health groups, voluntary and independent sectors and members of the public. They work together to challenge and combat abuse and promote the rights of vulnerable adults.

What do you mean by being abused?

People can be abused in lots of different ways:
  • physical, such as slapping or hitting
  • psychological, such as intimidation, preventing visitors or threats, being deliberately ignored
  • verbal, such as name calling
  • financial, such as stealing someone's money or spending it on the wrong things, putting pressure on someone to make changes to a will or spending their money against their wishes
  • sexual, such as forcing someone into an unwanted sexual activity or touching inappropriately
  • neglect, such as not caring for someone properly, not providing adequate food or putting them at risk
  • discrimination, when a person is treated unfairly because of their colour, religion, disability or sexual orientation
  • institutional, such as rigid and insensitive routines, lack of privacy or comfort 
Well Mr. Carwyn Jones still waiting for the reply from my 2nd open letter to you. Cos as far as I can see Chief Constable Vaughan Mr. Jones is aiding these bastards to carry on the abuse by not re-housing me. Ask what about witness protection Crazydave. I gave up on that one years ago!
Update over lets go Tweeting People. An end to the political classes hypocrisy in 2011? Lets decide to make it so!


Nothing on BBC Radio Wales regarding Cardiff Bus Drivers using Cannabis nor anything about serious allegation concerning the Head of Adult Services of Cardiff County Council? BBC being Complicit again in discrimination Crazydave? Where are all those highly paid journalist? Not with a microphone in the face of Rodney Berman from the news bulletins!

Here then is the copy of the letter from Carol O'Byrne Complaints Officer for Adult Services.

Dear Mr. Gabriel Date 17/12/10

I acknowledge you letter dated 10/12/10 which I received on the 16/12/10

You enclose a letter from your GP supporting your application for housing transfer and an ''Access Final Warning'' notice. I am returning your documents to you as Adult Services is not responsible for them.

The letter from your GP should be passed to the Housing Officer dealing with your request for a transfer. The Access Final Warning notice is from Housing and relates to the need to enter your home in order to carry out safety checks. Adult Services does not deal with housing matters. You will have to telephone the number (029 20365700) on the notice for further information.

You have also mentioned that Mr. Mike Murphy has ''been complicit in not seeing that I be re-housed''. I am at a loss as to why you make this allegation about Mr. Murphy. Adult Services is not responsible for any housing matter. Mr. Murphy has no authority on housing matters.

You have asked me to accept this as a corporate complaint but I cannot do this. From the information you have given me, I cannot see that any of the issues you have raised are to do with Adult Services.

You have also suggested that I access your blog and you tube. I am afraid that I am unable to do this via the Council IT system.

Yours sincerely
Cariol O'Byrne
Complaints Officer

What I find odd about this letter is that in the one from the Freedom of info department they had a look at my blogs n videos was it via the Council's system? I wonder if Carol will have second thoughts when she once again views the Vulnerable Adult protection blurb Adult Services had on its web site? 

Would you call her complicit as well Crazydave? I really really think I do.

Right today more tweeting as well as copy/pasting these two updates to certain people. Odd that the tweet @jasonphonein brought nothing from the BBC? Well were used to that aren't we Crazydave! Oh yes.

Remember a full list of my blogs are available at

These are the email addresses sent the update:;;;;;;;;;

With this intro sent on the 10th jan 2011 so far I have not heard anything mentioned in the mainstream media so much for public health : Hi Everyone,
Especially you Mr. Murray might find this update to my blog worthy of investigation the other cc are for 'shaking the tree boss' reasons. Not that it is likely but who can say? Here the is the update I think Mr. Holmes would say to Watson 'Why didn't they draw the inference from the initial blog, its elementary etc' But that is how discrimination works. By the way Mr. Murray I don't believe your intial reply to me dealt with the letter to the chief constable in the !st Open Letter to Carwyn Jones blog?
Perhaps Mr. Bradshaw you can forward this to Carol O'Byrne as part of the second stage of a Corporate Complaint I will be making a video of your reply regarding the freedom of info request and I will be including the issue regarding the Front and Back door replacement, asking how many other tenants who received the same form had both fitted in my area, and if all why was mine not? After all the council give about enough documentation on energy savings the current back door does nothing for that.

Good day all.

On the 12 Jan I sent it to Alun Edmunds at this address

Hi Mr. Edmunds

I havent heard anything on any News channel about the contents of this blog update. but incase Abby Alford hasn't forwarded it on I thought you might like a copy as your echo.newsdesk email is blocked to me. Not that any of that amazes me after so long on this journey of mine. The only question is will you suprise me? You can check out my tweets at spooky_dude and see who I've tweeted over the last few months. All I know is that it can only be a mattter of time before the corruption/discrimination against me ends. Well that is the hope, behind all that I do.

Yours David Gabriel aka Crazydave 



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